A Customers Perspective of Fire Destruction and Restoration

A View From the Eyes of the Affected

What started as a normal evening of dinner and small talk, quickly transformed, with one phone call, into a night I will never forget. Before I knew it, I was pulling up to a line of fire trucks, the sound of gushing water and enormous flames bursting into the sky. Chaos was swarming around me attending to the fire roaring before me, but I stood frozen staring into the flames of my new reality. 

Once the fire was defeated and I was granted access to face the damage, I shivered with anxiety. Everything hit me at once, the smell, the smoky taste, the total darkness- not just from the lack of electricity but the darkness of what used to be my life, eaten by flames and soot. I didn’t even realize I was crying until a teardrop splattered a piece of clarity into a blackened piece of glass that lie shattered on a pile of debris in front of me. I couldn’t control the emotions that took over me. Engulfed in fear I stood frozen yet again, suffocated by thoughts of uncertainty and the memories that lay burned in front of me. 

What now? How will I pay for this? What will I wear? Can things be fixed? How will I get through this? These were just a few of the questions that came to mind when the cold air hit me as I walked back outside. “I know it doesn’t seem so right now, but everything will be okay,” a voice said to me, snapping me out of my thoughts. I didn’t know it then, but that moment was a start to a bond that would help build me back up, better than before. That’s when Trident Restoration gave me a hand up out of the ashes and started laying the foundation of the next chapter of my life. 

The night ended with Trident Restoration’s team coming out and boarding up all open areas so that the natural elements nor unwanted people or animals could get in. By morning, the contents team was there to help me understand the next steps as far as my belongings, the state of the destruction and what could potentially be salvageable, and what would be a total loss. While this was not easy, the compassion and empathy the team showed me gave me a sense of comfort and belief that my things would be taken care of and that it was going to be ok. From there I met with the project manager who helped me through the timeline of rebuilding and the possibilities I had to remake the affected area. Within a week progress was being made, a huge dumpster was now holding the darkness that had haunted me a few days prior, and cleaning technicians were wiping away the tears left inside. The carpenters were hammering away, making my visions come to life. Though the process does take time, the quality and dedication that was given, was worth every minute. The final product was like a phoenix, how such beauty came from the ashes that were once piled there is beyond me. The attention to detail, the cleanliness of each one of my items, and the fact that you’d never know there had been a fire was incredible. However, in the end, it was the relationships that I gained that I valued most. The genuineness of everyone within the process and the delicacy in which they approached each step to ensure my comfort, was truly remarkable. How does the saying go? “You may not remember what a person said to you, but you’ll always remember the way they made you feel.” Trident Restoration didn’t disappoint, and I won’t forget the kindness, loyalty, integrity, and compassion they showed me through the restoration process. 

Traumatic events, no matter their size, can bring feelings of fear and defeat. It is no doubt that we look to family and friends to help guide us through these difficult times, but we must also remember that the restoration professionals we choose to help us through these times are just as important. These events are personal. No matter how hard you try to separate your feelings from the situation, you won’t. Choose a company that understands that you matter, that your feelings matter, and that your belongings matter. In the end, you come first. Trident believed in me. Their WHY within their mission and vision of the company is extremely prevalent, it’s to help YOU find the light out of the darkness and rise up out of the ashes. 

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Eric Long and David Bradshaw started Trident Restoration with a vision to provide property owners with the ability to make one phone call and feel assured that their property would be restored to pre-loss condition with as little stress as possible.

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