Cleaning After Disaster

What happens to your belongings in the event of a disaster?

When the need arises to focus on cleaning after disaster scenarios, such as a fire or flood, Trident Restoration offers a variety of services that can help ease the minds and lives of homeowners. While structural damage caused to your home is a demanding concern, it is often not the only damage to be concerned with. Your personal belongings can also withstand minor to severe damage, luckily there are many solutions to taking care of this.

In a fire, soot can travel everywhere, it clings to walls, ceilings, light fixtures, ductwork, and your personal belongings. This can be overwhelming to see, even with a small fire, you may not realize all the places the soot has traveled to. Therefore, it’s important to contact your insurance agency, make a claim, and get the help you need.

While the damage may be obvious in some situations, in others it will take a professional to successfully assess the amount of damage. Not only does Trident offer structural repairs, water and fire mitigation Trident also offers content cleaning after disaster and pack-out services to help salvage your belongings that have been affected by fire, smoke, water, or mold. It is our duty to create and execute a plan based on each situation and individuals need.

The first step Trident will take during this process is determining if contents are capable of being cleaned on site, or if they will need to be packed and transported for a more effective cleaning. In minor situations technicians may be able to clean furnishings and personal belongings quickly and efficiently while being on site. If your home is unsafe, or contents would be better restored off-site a plan will be made for pack-out services and transportation of your belongings to our facility.

In the event of a full pack-out our technicians will arrive on scene promptly to guide you through the following steps, they will ask you to:

  • Identify items deemed for emergency purposes (laptop, phones, game systems, anything you will need in for daily life in the following days/weeks)
  • Identify high dollar items (personal valuables, jewelry, medications, firearms, etc.)
  • Identify emergency clothing (clothing you will need during the following days/weeks.)
  • Help you identify your non-salvageable and your salvageable items.

The pack-up will begin as soon as you, and your insurance claim representative are in approval. If your belongings do not to need to be moved to properly clean and restore them, our team will move quickly to ensure that your home and your belongings are taken care of with as minimal inconvenience to your daily life as possible.

The Pack-Up Process

We will have experts working on site with the pack up of your electronics, textiles, and the rest of your possessions including:

  • Making a detailed inventory list, with pictures, labels, and a numbering system to ensure that nothing is missed
  • Start with the emergency contents you’ve previously identified, along with your high dollar items to itemize and transport to our facility to ensure its safety and promptness on returning to you
  • Continue packing your salvageable belongings into boxes and preparing furniture for the move
  • Assist in composing a non-salvageable list of your belongings to share with you and your insurance agent
  • Transporting your inventoried contents to our secured facility
  • Storing your items until they are ready to be delivered.
  • Delivering your contents back to your home, and helping you put them away as needed.

Trident’s technicians will take great care in packing and labeling everything that will be transported, and furthered restored at our facility. Once we have brought your items to our warehouse, we will begin the cleaning process. This involves detailed cleaning, deodorization, and restoration to its original condition.

Techniques used during the cleaning after disaster process include:

  • High precision ultrasonic cleaning technology (over 40% higher recovery rates vs. conventional methods)
  • Hydroxyl generating technology.
  • Fire and Odor cleaning chemicals
  • Chem Sponges (to pull soot from any dry surface)
  • Anti-Microbial (disrupt and prevent the growth mold, mildew, and bacteria)
  • Ozone machine
  • Deodorization

Contents that can be cleaned (With the discretion of non-salvageable items):

  • Artwork
  • Books
  • China/Silver/Crystal
  • Clothing/Textiles
  • Documents
  • Electronics
  • Firearms/Bows
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Musical Instruments
  • Photographs
  • Rugs
  • Retail Inventory
  • Woodwork
  • VHS & DVD Media

 After your contents have been thoroughly cleaned, they are safely stored in our facility until you are ready to move back into your home. We then provide a move back for the inventoried contents and offer our assistance in unpacking and putting your home back as it was before.

Our Mission

Disasters can be hectic and leave you and your family feeling overwhelmed, which is why Trident Restoration’s response team is available 24/7. With our IICRC certified technicians, we take great pride in taking care of you and your belongings quickly and efficiently. It is our mission to cater to what is important to you, and effectively carry that out by offering solutions and services that will keep you at ease. We understand how valuable and sentimental your home and your possessions are to you, which makes them just as important to us!

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Eric Long and David Bradshaw started Trident Restoration with a vision to provide property owners with the ability to make one phone call and feel assured that their property would be restored to pre-loss condition with as little stress as possible.

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