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COVID-19 Mitigation Action Plan

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The Coronavirus is new to all of us; however, Trident Restoration is doing everything in its power to stay on the front lines to fight this infectious disease. Trident Restoration specializes in deep cleaning of commercial spaces and has IICRC certified technicians on staff, ready to take all the necessary steps to get your workplace properly cleaned and disinfected. Over the last week our lead technicians have completed training by various institutions to apply the proper steps and cleaning methods to combat this new pandemic.

How the disease spreads

Covid-19 spreads person-to-person and can be transmitted without direct contact (airborne).  People who are in close contact with others (6ft apart), or being near someone who coughs or sneezes, are all subject to contraction.  It is possible to be infected by touching a surface or object that has had the virus on it and then touching your face, mouth, eyes, or nose.

Cleaning Methods

Disinfection of affected areas should be done by trained professionals using proper personal protective equipment. The first step in the cleaning process is to hand wash all common surfaces with an appropriate surfactant. The second step is to properly disinfect all previously washed areas. It is imperative that all surfaces be hand washed and disinfected with proper products and procedures to ensure the safety of you and your staff. More invasive cleaning methods may be needed if someone has a confirmed case of infection and was recently in the facility. This should include cleaning of hard surfaced floors and carpets with pressure steam and professional cleaning of the HVAC system throughout the building. In some cases, hydroxyl generators can be used with HEPA air filtration devices to reduce airborne particulates.

How we can help your business

It is important to understand the emotional anxiety of your employees during this crisis. Proper and regular cleaning will have an immense effect on limiting the transfer of diseases from one employee to another and will save your business from potential productivity and profit loss. Giving peace of mind that your business has been professionally cleaned and disinfected by a certified and reputable company can go a long way in relieving the anxiety felt by your work force.  Upon completion of the initial disinfection processes, we offer a free consultation to employees on ways to limit the transfer of diseases along with proper everyday cleaning methods that should be utilized to prevent risk factors. Trident Restoration also offers consultation with executives to develop a plan to be used in the event of an outbreak. This is strongly recommended to businesses with staff of 100 or more employees. Trident will do a thorough walk-through of facilities, point out potential “hot spots” and recommend necessary steps to prevent an outbreak. Our highly trained and certified staff can help prevent issues, will quickly respond to an emergency, and stop disruption to business as well as personal lives. Trident can and will do all that is necessary to protect your business and the community during this event.

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Eric Long and David Bradshaw started Trident Restoration with a vision to provide property owners with the ability to make one phone call and feel assured that their property would be restored to pre-loss condition with as little stress as possible.

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