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At Trident Restoration, we surround ourselves with experienced and skilled professionals that are devoted to their trade and even more so to their customers. We are a one-stop-shop, general contractor, with teams specialized in cleaning, water damage, fire damage, reconstruction, and remodeling. While each trade is its own entity, we combine our skill sets to create a rockstar team to meet every situation’s unique need.

When a loss occurs, there are many different components that make up the emergency restoration process. When we receive the initial call from a customer, Trident Restoration’s team springs into action and immediately dispatches our emergency response team to assess the damages and quickly begin the emergency mitigation or temporary repair process. Each type of loss, whether fire, water damage, vehicle impact, flood, or another disaster, will call for its own type of mitigation process. We have professionals on call in every division, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, always ready for the call to assist our customers.  During the initial inspection, one of our project managers and sometimes even our owners will be on-site assessing the damage and discussing the next steps with the property owner. From there, our contents team will come in, evaluate, inventory, carefully package and remove all necessary belongings and transport them to Trident’s warehouse to be cleaned. Once all contents are removed, the reconstruction team will develop the best restoration plan for the situation at hand, and our skilled carpenters will perform the necessary demolition on all affected areas. Once this stage is complete, the cleaning team will do a deep clean of the structure before the restoration begins to ensure all odors, stains, contaminants, and dust are eliminated. As reconstruction is occurring, our customers will be working with our designer to construct their new space. Also, our contents team will be working diligently to clean and restore all affected belongings back in Trident restorations 30,000 square foot climate-controlled warehouse. When the reconstruction is complete, the cleaning division will come in one last time to do a final deep clean of the property and prepare the home or business for the move back. Then, the Trident contents team will return the restored contents to the property and help the customer unpack and place their belongings correctly.

Each step within the restoration process is purposeful and affects the step preceding it. Communication is crucial to success and keeping things moving forward for our customers. Our goal is always to work as efficiently as possible without losing quality so that our customers aren’t out of their normal life any longer than they must be. To make sure the steps occur quickly and correctly, each division has a manager that will keep the customer informed on progress and the next steps of action, all to guarantee fluid lines of communication and progress within the process. 

At Trident restoration we believe in commitment to our employees, partners, customers, and community. We strive to enhance these relationships through honest, positive, and purposeful interactions with the utmost integrity. It is our mission to ensure that each job is met with hard work, dedication, and active listening from Trident restoration employees. We understand that consistent and effective communication is an integral aspect of the relationship, and we work to establish this immediately. We value teamwork, and continuous improvement opportunities and seek to grow in all facets of our work. Our focus is always on the customer and restoring their property in ways that exceed their expectations. Passion and purpose drive us toward success and push us to be the best in the restoration business. At Trident Restoration, reputation and quality always outweigh profit and our bottom line is the satisfaction of our customers.

Mitigation process

Trident Restoration prides itself on responding quickly and giving our customers peace of mind that their home or business is in fantastic hands. The mitigation process is crucial to our success. This process is simply a preserving method to keep outside elements from affecting your home or business and to keep the damage from spreading further. Each type of loss calls for a different type of mitigation, but in the end, has the same outcome; to protect your property from more damage.

Fire Mitigation:

                After a fire has been put out, there are often holes in the home or business that must be patched to keep the outside elements from entering. Once that is complete, an assessment is made to determine if deodorizing and air purifying equipment can be set to help mitigate the smell and air contaminants. If only a fraction of the property was damaged, the possibility of temporary electricity is more likely, allowing us to place the equipment. If electricity is not available, we have a certified electrician that will arrive on-site to get the electricity run so that we can get the machines working. We will also look to see if any part of the structure is salvageable. If so, we will do what is called a corrosion clean to protect it from further damage. In this part of the process, we use chem sponges to remove soot from surfaces such as ceilings, walls, sinks, showers, and more to eliminate the soot from penetrating the material and causing more harm. Once the mitigation is complete, the property owner has a chance to breathe and discuss the next steps of the process.

Water Mitigation:

                After a water loss, our water mitigation team will come with air scrubbers and dryers to help eliminate air contaminants and dry the necessary areas. They will also have skilled technicians that will remove necessary debris immediately to ensure the water doesn’t spread. Once the equipment is set and the water has been held from spreading, the team will discuss the process moving forward.

Damage Mitigation:

                Damage can occur to a home in many different ways. The main mitigation that will occur from damage is a board-up. A board-up is when there are “holes” in your property that need to be covered to ensure no outside elements or unwanted guests can enter your dwelling. Trident Restorations board-up team will come immediately after receiving the call and will make sure your property is secured.

Proper mitigation is extremely important to both our customers and Trident Restoration’s teams to guarantee a successful start to a loss. The mitigation process allows for a sense of security and optimism that everyone needs in a time of misfortune.


Eric Long and David Bradshaw started Trident Restoration with a vision to provide property owners with the ability to make one phone call and feel assured that their property would be restored to pre-loss condition with as little stress as possible.



Commitment to the property owner to do the best possible work and craftsmanship we can provide. Commitment to the insurance carrier to provide a fair and detailed estimate. Commitment to our employees to provide a great working environment and room for growth. Commitment to our sub-contractors and vendors to be fair and honest partners.


It’s simple and a lot of companies just don’t follow through. We pick up our phones and we call people back. Communication is the key. You are stressed out enough when you go through a loss, your contractor shouldn’t add to that stress. Our experts are experienced in the insurance restoration business and will help you navigate through the entire claims process.


Growth through giving back. None of our success is possible without the individuals and businesses within our community. We never forget that and will always strive to be charitable, empathetic, and passionate in every project we take on.

Trident’s warehouse:

                Trident Restoration has a 30,000 square foot climate-controlled warehouse that is home to our Contents and Cleaning team. Here, all contents are cleaned and stored until they are ready to be returned to the reconstructed property. Within the warehouse, is a 1000 square foot deodorization chamber. Here, contents are given an ozone treatment that removes odors and contaminants from the items and allows for a deeper clean. This chamber also acts as a drying room, equipped with hydroxyl generators that also help with the odors that can accumulate in a loss, as well as negative air scrubbers that help clean the air from invasive particles. Directly adjacent to the chamber is our state-of-the-art cleaning line. The cleaning line has two sinks to clean contents that can get wet, a dry contents cleaning area, two ultrasonic machines, and a packing station. Here, all contents are tracked, cleaned, repackaged, tagged, and stored in one of our storage vaults. The Ultrasonic machine uses deionized water and high-frequency pressure waves that allow for deep cleaning and removal of tough contaminants. The machine is also able to get into tight cracks and holes in items that are metal, glass, rubber, ceramic, or made of hard plastic. This machine is perfect for cleaning tools, jewelry, or delicate items. Each item that is brought to our warehouse for cleaning is inventoried and tracked throughout each cleaning process. Each box is labeled with the type of contents that are within it and the room in which it came from. Once the storage vault is filled and sealed, it is labeled with the customer’s name, job number, and the contents that are within it. This is done for each vault and each customer so that if an item is needed by a customer, it can be easily found and returned. Our warehouse is surrounded by security cameras and secured entryways that keep a safe watch on all the contents within it. Our warehouse is a huge asset to our customers and creates a safe place for their belongings and one less thing for them to think about during the renovation process.

Reconstruction team

                Our reconstruction team is built up of an extremely talented designer, skilled carpenters, organized and professional project managers, and a team of highly experienced contractors that will make your design dreams come true! The reconstruction team has a true passion for construction, and it shines in everything they do. Our team works diligently to take every detail of the restoration process seriously. They are also available 24/7 in the event of an emergency to secure your property or get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. As a true general contractor, we have developed a network of trusted and experienced subcontractors that can handle any size restoration project; from large commercial fire or water damage to specialty historic restoration, Trident has the skills, knowledge, experience, and structure to restore your home or business quickly and efficiently to its pre-loss condition. Our compassionate team will be with you every step of the way making sure each component of the restoration exceeds your needs and expectations.

Cleaning Team

                Our cleaning team is encompassed with highly trained and experienced staff that believe in exceeding your every need. Their customer service is unmatchable and their ability to deep clean all surfaces and contents is phenomenal. Whether it be from a loss or for personal gain, our cleaning technicians are trained in every type of loss to ensure they are ready for anything. Whether it be fire, water, mold, sewage, or more, our cleaning technicians are equipped with the industry’s top-rated cleaners and tools to be able to succeed in even the toughest areas. We go beyond your average clean and consider every aspect of the room or rooms we work in. From floors to ceilings, from baseboard to trim to counters, cupboards, and more. We do it all!

Below is a list of areas that Trident Restoration has successfully cleaned and restored. Call Today for a free consultation!

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Mold
  • Storm
  • Hoarding
  • Estate
  • Trauma
  • Construction
  • Vandalism

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Eric Long and David Bradshaw started Trident Restoration with a vision to provide property owners with the ability to make one phone call and feel assured that their property would be restored to pre-loss condition with as little stress as possible.

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